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What is Learngah?

Learngah is an online education solution provider that enables verified and experienced teachers and educational institutes, running physical classes, to publish their courses online.
These courses are made available to students who enroll into their desired courses and get the chance to study online from verified tutors and education providers without having to go anywhere.

Why Should I Choose Learngah?

Verified Tutors & Institutes

Our team only register those teachers and education providers who are;
i. experienced
ii. reliable and
iii. have physical setup for running classes and delivering lectures

Smart Learning

Rather than cramming, at Learngah we focus on smart learning using various resources such as; 1. Lecture Videos 2. Lecture Notes
3. Digital Study Resources and Much More...

Smart Assessments

1. Online Assignment Submission 2. Online Quizzes
3. Online & Instantaneous Grading Mechanism

Zoom Meetings

Get the chance to attend live classes on Zoom within the course page!!!
In addition, you can post questions within the course page that will then be answered by respective teacher




Course Enrollments


Institutes Registered

What Can I Study?

Educational institutes, who publish their courses at Learngah, have a diverse academic portfolio to cover however some of the most widely published courses that you will come across at Learngah falls in the following categories:

How to Study Online at Learngah?

Our team has developed a video tutorial for you to understand

How to Register, Log In and Study at Learngah

In this video you will understand:

  • How to register yourself at Learngah
  • How to Log In to your account after getting registered
  • Introduction to student dashboard
  • How to study online
  • How to submit assignments in the course
  • How to attempt quizzes
  • How to Log Out of your account

Get Yourself Registered !!!

There are so many reasons to study from verified and experienced teachers at Learngah. One of them being, Learngah don’t charge any commission or fee to the registered institutes. Therefore, all the earnings go straight away to the teachers and registered institutes.

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